Croft Factory Shutdown

20/10/2015 10:26

CROFT UPDATE. All orders placed now (for non stock lines) wil be delivered in the new year. We have other manufacturers who produce similar products who are faster so if this delay is a problem we can possibly find you an alternative. Talk to us before believing a competitor who tells you they can get Croft faster. It is simply not true! Read More
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Door Handles Delivery Times

19/10/2013 10:14

We do this every year, and every year it seems like we are doing a sales job but this is just good advice. Croft are already running on 5 weeks lead time, won't be long before that builds to 6 and the other British manufacturers are the same. Rocky Mountain is on 8 weeks as we type. If you want your handmade handles on before Christmas we suggest you get your tush to our showroom or onto our website STAT!
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