So you have drooping door handles. What is the problem and what do you do?

Some handles are sprung and some have no spring mechanism at all. These are unsprung and rely on a top quality lock or latch to carry them. Usually, the latter are high quality handles. If these are drooping then your latch is the thing that needs to be changed, either because it was never strong enough or has finally given up the ghost.

Lets assume you have sprung handles. If the handle spring goes then the latch or lock is left with the job of carrying the handles which is of course double the work it was designed for. Eventually this will expire too. The same applies if the latch has worn out and the handle springs need to do double the job!

The thing to be aware of is that if you are experiencing what you think is a broken handle spring it is definitely worth looking at the latch or lock mechanism too or you may find that soon after replacing your lever handles they go again.

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