QUALITY Single Action Spring Hinges in Silver or Satin Stainless

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Quick Overview

These quality single action spring hinges or swing hinges are made by LIOBEX (sometimes called LIOB) and are NOT the cheap, poor quality items you will find on some other websites. If you want product failure, buy those other spring hinges! Like all hinges, we consider quality to be paramount. Scrimp elsewhere because if your hinges fail, everything on the door does.

Note that on a spring hinge there is no hydraulic control. If you want damping, use a quality floor spring or overhead concealed closer and pivots. Call us for a specification.

These have a fully enclosed body to reduce the risk of vandalism and dirt ingress and the unique fixing method makes them suitable for heavier use environments where reliability is essential. Some of the range is properly fire tested to FD30 standards.

The stainless steel models are grade 304 and have stainless steel internals also unlike others.

Single action spring hinges allow the door to swing open and return to centre. The power is fully adjustable.

Sold as pairs usually, but sometimes you will need more than a pair per door in extra heavy traffic, if the door is over 2100mm high or over weight. A hanging strip is required for fitment which is a plant-on batten of wood to allow the spring cylinders to operate freely.

Sizes and finishes.

LSA03 - 75mm in Silver or Satin Stainless SSS for doors up to 650mm wide and 20-25mm thick. 10KG max weight. (Pair)
LSA04 - 100mm in Silver or Satin Stainless SSS for doors up to 700mm wide and 21-30mm thick. 15KG max weight. (Pair)
LSA05 - 125mm in Silver or Satin Stainless SSS for doors up to 780mm wide and 25-35mm thick. 25KG max weight. (Pair)
LSA06 - 150mm in Silver or Satin Stainless SSS for doors up to 850mm wide and 25-40mm thick. 35KG max weight. (Pair)
LSA07 - 175mm in Silver for doors up to 920mm wide and 33-50mm thick. 45KG max weight. (Handed Pair)
LSA08 - 200mm in Silver for doors up to 1000mm wide and 35-55mm thick. 55KG max weight. (Handed Pair)

If you are buying in large quantities, please call to discuss rates. Best prices guaranteed.

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