QUALITY 316 Stainless Steel 100x76mm Ball Bearing Hinge

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100mm 25yr guaranteed high duty satin stainless steel ball bearing butt hinges to BSEN1935 class 13 and fire rated at Warrington. Ultra smooth running and high duty bearings that can carry 120KG.

This Grade 316 SSS butt hinge will out last most others on the market and is suitable for the bost corrosive environments such as coastal and swimming pool.

We sell these butts as singles, not in pairs - so you can order the exact quantity you require.

Complete with stainless steel wood screws.

Suitable for internal and external applications on 44mm or 54mm thick doors only. Not suitable for 35mm doors.

We recommend 3 hinges on doors up to 2100mm high and 4 hinges on doors up to 2400mm high.

These are not a cheap import copy hinge.