Geze Rollan 80. 80KG Internal Sliding Door Gear System

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Quick Overview

Geze Rollan 80 Sliding door Gear is suitable for Metal, Timber or Plastic door leaves up to 80KG in weight which will cover most domestic and commercial requirements. Glass fitting packs are available. The Aluminium Track and Ball bearing roller hangers provide an ultra smooth and quiet slide and are tested to 50,000 cycles. High quality German manufacture.

The track (up to 6 meters) is supplied with wall brackets but Ceiling Brackets are available or even direct ceiling fixing is possible. The system can be used in a pocket to allow a door to slide completely away into the wall. See our Pocket Door Hardware below so you can pull the door back out!

The kits are for single Internal leaves but the system is very flexible and most applications can be catered for. If you want a kit for double bi parting doors just add an additional door kit. Just call us for details on special applications.

Single door kits are generally supplied with a length of track to be easily cut to length if required, Wall Brackets. two Roller Carriages with Suspension Bolts, two Carrier Plates, one Floor Guide and two In-Track Buffers.

Angle Buffers are available for installation on the wall half way up the door height.

Geze SoftStop is available for this system which is fully concealed in the track and controls the final part of the travel. It then carries the door to the fully open or fully closed position (or both directions). Works in a similar way to a high end drawer damping system! Designed for safety as well as well as luxury. Please note if using the soft-stop variant this will only perform correctly on doors weighing up-to 40KG.

Note that additional carriage charges may apply with these ranges. We will contact you on reciept of your order to confirm.

See below for Locks and Accessories.

Delivery is usually 2-3 days for systems. Special applications can take longer as they are ordered from Germany.

Price based on a 71-90mm wide leaf base kit. Additions shown.

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