Geze ActiveStop Concealed Internal Door Restrictor Damper

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Quick Overview

Ever needed to control the swing of a non self closing internal door? Here is your answer!

Geze ActivStop is far more than a concealed door restrictor. It performs three functions.

Slows and stops violent openings. Adjustable from 60 to 140 deg.
Slows and draws in to the closed position violently closed doors from 25 deg.
Secure hold open device from 60 to 140 deg.

Overhead concealed restrictor unit. Almost invisible when the door is closed, the Active Stop overhead unit is a totally new award winning product from Geze in Germany, a partner of ours for many years.

Think of it's action like a posh drawer that stops you slamming it closed by slowing it and drawing it into the closed position. It also operates the other way to slow and stop violent openings, removing the need for traditional door stops and reducing the risk of door handles hitting walls or furniture.

Note that this is NOT a fire rated item.

Silver arm and channel.

Suitable for new internal doors up to 1100mm wide, over 38mm thick and up to 45KG. Supplied with all fixings for timber.

For retro-fitting on existing doors please see the surface mounted version below.


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